privacy policy



In performing its services, PARO collects and maintains sensitive financial and medical information furnished to it by its customers. The exchange of such information is protected from unauthorized use and disclosure through PARO’s contractual arrangements with its customers. Although PARO’s customer’s may be given access to certain information through PARO’s secure website, the information collected and maintained by PARO is not available to the public. PARO assures its customers and their patients, residents or clients that access to sensitive or confidential information available through its secure website is limited by the authority granted to certain customers and other authorized persons (collectively referred to herein as “Users”).


A. General Information

The PARO website homepage is accessible to the public. However, the information available to the public is limited to general information and PARO’s contact information. Access beyond the homepage requires a username and password issued by PARO. The use of the website will dictate whether any information is collected from the viewer and how much information is collected. PARO does not require or retain any information on the persons viewing the homepage. However, for Users of the website, PARO requires verification of identity through a login process.

B. E-mail or Product Inquiry

The public is invited to send PARO inquiries by way of secure e-mail regarding its products or services. Users may also send PARO secure messages regarding its products and services or website accounts. PARO does not disclose secure messages to any non-affiliated third parties. The information provided through the use of these secure messages will be used by PARO or other appropriate third parties who need to view this information to respond to the inquiry.

C. Cookies

A “cookie” is a small piece of information about an Internet session that may be created when an individual accesses a website. Cookies can contain a variety of information, including the name of the website that issued them, where on the site the User visited, passwords, and even User names and credit card numbers that have been supplied via forms. Note that most Web browsers can be modified by the User to prevent cookies from being attached to the User. PARO's website, and certain sites it provides links to, use cookies to facilitate easier navigation within the sites and to provide a higher level of convenience for Users, and for internal reporting and statistical purposes. The use of cookies by the linked site is subject to the other site's own privacy policies and in some circumstances is subject to contractual obligations between PARO and the other site.


PARO may retain the information provided to it by Users or the public as evidence of such communications, to verify the accuracy of the information or to comply with any applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements. PARO may use or disclose information provided to it by Users in accordance with the terms and conditions of its agreements with such Users. PARO may also use its secure website environment to provide updates, news, event notices and announcements, to update User contact information or information obtained from Users or to monitor the effectiveness of the PARO products and services. In some cases, PARO may use such information to provide Users with access to information on products, programs and services offered by PARO or our affiliates or subsidiaries. If Users or authorized persons receive e-mail updates, news, announcements and/or special notices through the PARO website, PARO will use the names, demographics, e-mails and other contact information the Users or authorized persons supply to deliver such information. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Users may be removed from the list of recipients of such information at any time by following the removal instructions included in all such messages. The e-mail addresses and other contact information of Users and other authorized persons will be used only for the dissemination of PARO-related information and will not be given, sold or rented to any other party for any other use without prior authorization. Information furnished to PARO by Users may be aggregated with other data, and used for predictive modeling, analysis and classification purposes in accordance with the terms and conditions of PARO’s respective arrangements with Users.


A. Employees

Certain PARO employees may be provided with information regarding Users in order to respond to the individual's needs and provide requested information regarding specific products or services. Certain employees will also be provided with information regarding Users in order to carry out the PARO services and to monitor the effectiveness of the online services. PARO employees are required, by written confidentiality statements, corporate policies, and state or federal laws or regulations to maintain the confidentiality of personal information and to use strict standards of care in handling the information. Employees who do not conform to these confidentiality requirements are subject to disciplinary sanctions that may include dismissal.

B. PARO Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Subcontractors and Service Providers

PARO may use or disclose personal information obtained from Users, whether collected through its secure website or otherwise, as permitted by law and in accordance with the terms and conditions of PARO’s arrangements with such Users to affiliates, subsidiaries, subcontractors and non-related service providers that assist PARO in meeting the needs of its customers. Information collected by affiliates, subsidiaries, subcontractors and non-related service providers may also be shared with PARO as permitted by law. All such information will be used or disclosed to respond to the particular User's needs and to provide information about products or services offered by or through PARO, PARO's affiliates, subsidiaries, subcontractors and the non-related service providers. Personal information is treated with the same standards of confidentiality that PARO applies to other confidential information. PARO's subsidiaries and affiliates are subject to PARO's corporate policies regarding privacy and confidentiality, and PARO's non-related service providers and subcontractors are legally bound by contract to employ at least the same strict standards of confidentiality as employed by PARO.

C. Third Parties

Other than as set forth above or as otherwise provided under the terms and conditions of its agreements with Users, PARO does not use or disclose any personal information collected from Users to any third party without the permission of the User.

D. Website Communication Services

PARO has access to messages sent by or to Users who choose to use any online communications services. PARO will not release the content of specific messages to any third party without the User’s consent, unless permissible or required under applicable state or federal law.


A. Security and Disclaimer

PARO uses commercially reasonable computer security technology selected and implemented to protect the privacy and security of the information it obtains from Users or from persons making inquiries regarding the PARO products and services. Although PARO makes reasonable efforts to protect such information from unauthorized use or alteration, there is always some risk in sending information electronically, and PARO disclaims any responsibility for the unauthorized, wrongful or unlawful access to or use or disclosure of such information by any third party.

B. Account Access

In accordance with state and federal law and as limited under the terms and conditions of its agreements with Users, PARO grants access to personal information only to those employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, subcontractors and third parties as required to provide the PARO products and services. All such employees, affiliates, subsidiaries and third parties are subject to privacy policies, at least as restrictive as the policy described in this website privacy policy.

C. Privacy Policies and Procedures

PARO maintains internal privacy policies and procedures consistent with this website privacy policy. PARO trains its employees on such privacy policies and procedures, as well maintaining and updating its security systems and practices. PARO also encourages feedback from Users and has a complaint resolution process. PARO reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.

D. Questions and Concerns

If you have questions about this website privacy policy, or concerns regarding your personal information, please e-mail or send your inquiries or concerns to PARO at or at P.O. Box 39882, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339.


PARO reserves the right to change, modify or update this website privacy policy at any time without notice.